Planning Your Vacation With Your Family

You have just won a two night stay at a hotel. You cannot imagine your luck when you receive the invitation telling you that you and your family can stay free of charge at a hotel of your choice. You have being wanting to take a break from work and this couldn’t be a better time to go. So you start making arrangements for your much awaited vacation. You have picked the hotel of your choice and start packing what you would need for the two day stay. The hotel you will be staying in has a variety of adventurous activities which you are hoping to try out when you get there, since you are planning on having the adventure of your life with your family.

Buy new beach wear

While you are packing your stuff your son walks in to the room and tells you that he wants kids swimming robes to take on vacation. It is only then that you realise that your son was in need of some beach wear but you had forgotten to buy it for him. You also realise that it would be good to buy some new beach wear for the whole family because the clothing you already have is old and out of date. You tell your son to accompany you to the shop to buy the necessary purchases for the vacation.

Discount on product

Your son is excited at the idea of going shopping and is more than willing to go with you. Fortunately you don’t have to go very far to the store. You enter the store and the first thing that catches your eye is the multi coloured towelling bathrobe. You are very interested in this item and discover that this clothing item is on discount for the season. Your son has also found what he wants for the vacation. The shop assistant shows you more products such as shower caps, towels and wrap around skirts. You are very impressed with the products on sale and decide to purchase everything from this shop.

Taking a boat ride

You set out and finally reach the hotel before noon. You run down to the beach because you want to check out the boat rides. Your son finds a boatman who can take you out to sea. The two of you get into your beach wear that you have recently purchased from the store and go on a boat ride. When you come back to the hotel the two of you take a shower and change into the clothing that you purchased from the store.