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Tips To Try Highlighting At Home

When you visit a salon you will end up paying thousands of bucks for highlighting effects. The same could be achieved at home, though you do need a certain amount of preparation for the same. However, if you think that spending that amount of money for a treatment that could be tried at home makes no sense, you could always try the same at home. There are several ways to get started to do inexpensive highlights for your tresses.

Try different products

When you visit a salon, similar to buying synthetic hair extensions you would have to pay a certain amount for getting hair highlighting done. On the contrary, there are many brands that offer products for coloring and highlighting that are reasonably priced and good for the hair as well. Research and find reliable brands that offer different highlighting or coloring treatments and get started in choosing the shade that you want to try.

Choosing the right shade

One of the difficult parts of hair highlighting at home would be the choice of color to use. However, even at salons it is an experiment and you might end up not liking the shade that you get treated for and charged considerably as well. With a home application, it is a cheaper way of opting for such a trial. It is best to know your hair base color well to estimate the kind of effect a color would have on your hair. It is similar to picking up synthetic hair extensions from the market.

Take the right precautions

While applying the color on the hair strands could be managed, you need to ensure that you do not neglect the safety tips. Get a rag or a cloth to cover your clothes beneath the hair so that the color does not get on your clothes or your skin. Also, the rule of applying the color away from the root of the hair is something that should not be taken lightly. It is also necessary to wear the gloves and use a throwaway dish to mix the color and bonding agent which should be discarded once the use is over.

Know the rules for reapplication

The other rule that should not be ignored is that, if you have tried coloring or highlighting your hair and did not like the effects produced, it is best to wait for six months before you try it again. Unless you are trying to highlight sections that you did not touch before, it is harmful for the hair health if you try highlighting too soon. There are, however, temporary hair coloring or highlighting products that you could use on your hair that can be washed off the next morning.